I have had a wonderfully varied and exciting career as a social worker. I received an MSW from NYU in 1967 and worked for some years with various agencies that served children. My research interests broadened over time to include many other aspects of family and community life (see Articles on Domestic violence, racism, social justice and human services). I have also received an Ed.D in 1987 for my work in theories of creativity.
For more than thirty years, I have been the Clinical Director of Volunteer Counseling Service in Rockland County, NY (, a psychotherapist with a clinical practice serving adolescents and adults, and a community activist (see Resume). My years of clinical work with people suffering from all forms of oppression motivated me to participate in many groups and coalitions that work for social change. In recent years, this work has been informed by extensive antiracist training from the Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond (
Over the years, I have also authored and co-authored many professional articles (see Publications). Some of my colleagues suggested that it might be useful to put some of my articles in one place on the internet, especially those writings related to racism and domestic violence. These very important issues demand a continuing conversation from all of us as we strive to end all forms of oppression. Finally, I am also a published poet. Please feel free to check out my poetry website (, which has been beautifully designed by my friend and fellow poet Han-hua Chang, who also created this website for me.
Gail G

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Articles on Domestic violence, racism, social justice and human services