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Plain talk about domestic violence, racism, social justice and human service.

Many of us do important work with individuals, families and/or communities. Often we are so busy doing, thinking, supervising, training, and honing our skills that we have no time to write about what we learn in our work. This can mean that those of us who actually do human service work do not generate a body of writing which can complement academic and research articles. Often, I have an exciting conversation with a colleague about discoveries, ideas and questions that derive from our work. At the end of the conversation someone says: 'We should write that down'. A lot of us do not like to write. I do. So I have written down some thoughts which have grown out of many years of work. I like writing short, accessible articles which can move around the internet on various lists. It seems like a practical way for us to engage with each other and to share our work.

Gail Golden
May 2006

Articles on Domestic Violence, Racism, Social Justice and Human Service


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